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    The Crown Season 2 review 2017-12-29 15:03:53

    The Crown Season 2

    The series offers a second successful season.The historical facts serve with delight the romanticized account of the private life of Elizabeth II, here confronted with the solitude of power.


    A little time during the Christmas holidays? This may be an opportunity to watch the second season of The Crown, released  December 8 on Netflix. The British Queen series does not disappoint.


    After a season 1 devoted to the accession to the throne of Elizabeth II and the beginning as a monarch, we find the young queen in 1956, confronted with the solitude of her office.The Queen, a rigid and touching character despite all the crisis of the Suez Canal, the beginning of the end of the Empire, the assassination of Kennedy... For the viewer, revisiting the historical facts from the halls of Buckingham Palace is delectable. Especially that they serve with finesse the more intimate and romanticized story of the life of Lilibeth,this queen alone among hers, rigid and touching nevertheless, lost but also confident of her.


    The Actress Claire Foy is impeccable. It gives the monarch a psychological thickness and likelihood, avoiding the pitfall of a glossy paper queen.Two other characters, finely exploited, serve as counterweights: Prince Philip (Matt Smith), probably fickle husband who suffers from being a stooge, and his sister Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), too alive for this family.


    In short, the Crown succeeds in betting not to be an ordinary biopic in costumes, but a series where the pleasure of discovery is intact.

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